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Introduction to MBA Correspondence Courses in India

There are various approaches to learning. Full time programmes at all levels require a career break of some sort. This may be acceptable especially for short courses or where you get leave of absence but you also have to consider access, location, timing, the quality of the group and of the deliverer. Local courses may be of restricted quality and you may not be able to afford overseas courses.

Distance learning provides a number of alternative approaches. One form often described as Distance Learning, is effectively a type of part-time programme. Infrequent but regular attendance is required and there are time schedules and group involvement. The content and quality of these programmes is dependent upon the local delivery and the quality of the local student group. Whoever is offering the course and however prestigious they are, this is a critical aspect to probe.
True Distance Learning basically involves conventional home study, supported by a variety of aids and Tutorial support. High quality Distance Learning MBA programmes, although sometimes dismissed as correspondence courses offer a lot of advantages.Most programmes offer a realistic level of time flexibility and can be studied in remote locations and even if you move during the course. They provide access to acknowledged centres of excellence and one of the features you should look for is that the same course is delivered in the home territory. Distance Learning is available for all levels of skill and knowledge, whether training or education.

Distance Teaching is probably the best for practical skills, when detailed feedback on performance and performance improvement is required. Distance Learning is very effective for courses leading to professional qualification or degrees. It is most relevant when you require access to a large body of knowledge and feedback on assignments, presented as written reports, is appropriate. There are a wide variety of Distance Learning courses, of both types, offered by Indian Institutions.

List OF Colleges offering MBA Correspondence / Distant Learning Courses in India

S.No. Institutes Website State

1. AIMA - Centre for Management Education (Delhi)

2. Annamalai University --- (Tamil Nadu)

3. Indian Institute of Finance (Delhi)

4. IGNOU, School of Management Studies (Delhi)

5. Institute of Buss. Admn. & Management --- (Delhi)

6. Institute of Mgmt Studies (M. P)

7. S. P. Jain Inst. Of Mgmt & Research (Maharashtra)

8. Punjabi Univ., Dept. of Business Mgmt (Punjab)

9. Birla Inst. Of Tech & Sc., Dept of Mgmt --- (Rajasthan)

10. Kota Open Univ, Dept of Mgmt Studies (Rajasthan)

11. Madurai Kamraj Univ. (Tamil Nadu)

12. National Institute of HR Development --- (Tamil Nadu)

13. Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (Maharashtra)

14.National Institute of Personnel Mgmt --- (West Bengal)

15. S. N. Sinha Institute of Business Mgmt (Jharkhand)

16.IMT, Ghaziabad (U.P)

17. ICFAI Business School (A.P , Delhi)

18. Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, Pune (Maharashtra)

19.Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning (SCDL), Pune (Maharashtra)

20.Amity Business School, Noida (U.P.)